Fiber Related

  Affymetrix Cotton Genome array expression data of cotton fiber at different developmental stages from different varieties of Gossypium hirsutum (GEO accession no. GSE36228)
In the present study an effort is made towards understanding fiber development in G. hirsutum. There are various commercially available germplasms of G. hirsutum in India which are of different commercial value based on the fiber quality and are thus categorized as superior and inferior germplasms. Affymetrix Cotton Genome array were used for the global profiling of gene expression of cotton fiber at six developmental stages (0 DPA, 6DPA, 9DPA, 12DPA, 19DPA and 25DPA). The expression profiling of these developmental stages were comparatively analysed in five different genotypes of G. hirsutum. The genotypes namely JKC 725 and JKC 777 were superior in fiber traits as compared to genotypes JKC 703, JKC 737 and JKC 783.

Superior Genotypes
G. hirsutum JKC 725
G. hirsutum JKC 777

Inferior Genotypes
G. hirsutum JKC 703
G. hirsutum JKC 737
G. hirsutum JKC 783