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G. herbaceum leaf under drought stress

  Transcription profiling of one month old Gossypium herbaceum plant leaf during drought and watered condition
GEO accession number: GSE26522 )

Comparative genomics has emerged as a promising means of unraveling the molecular networks underlying complex traits such as drought tolerance. We used Affymetrix microarray to detail the global programme of gene expression underlying in drought and watered condition and identified distinct classes of up-regulated genes during this process. Leaf tissues were used for the expression analysis during watered and drought condition with three biological replicates for each case.

  GEO accession number of cel files with samples detail:     

GSM652190: Drought Tolerant genotype watering condition_rep1

GSM652191: Drought Tolerant genotype watering condition_rep2

GSM652192: Drought Tolerant genotype watering condition_rep3

GSM652187: Drought Tolerant genotype drought condition_rep1

GSM652188: Drought Tolerant genotype drought condition_rep2

GSM652189: Drought Tolerant genotype drought condition_rep3

GSM652196: Drought Sensitive genotype watering condition_rep1

GSM652197: Drought Sensitive genotype watering condition_rep2

GSM652198: Drought Sensitive genotype watering condition_rep3

GSM652193: Drought Sensitive genotype drought condition_rep1

GSM652194: Drought Sensitive genotype drought condition_rep2

GSM652195: Drought Sensitive genotype drought condition_rep3