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Genomic SSRs (G. herbaceum)


Four microsatellite-enriched genomic libraries for CA(15), GA(15), AAG(8) and ATG(8) repeats of G. herbaceum were explored to develop SSR markers. A total of 428 unique clones from repeat enriched genomic libraries were mined for 584 genomic SSRs (gSSRs).


All the SSRs have been submitted to NCBI GenBank under GenBank accession numbers: -------------------.

   Statistics of screening of the enriched genomic library for putative SSRs  
Summary of Screening/sequencing  
Total Number of clones screened  750
Number of clones selected and sequenced after screening  500
Number of redundant clones 72
Number of SSR containing sequences used for primer design/synthesis 263 (containing 393 SSRs)
Number of SSR containing sequences unable to design primer 165 (containing 211 SSRs)
Total number of SSR containing clones  428
Number of sequences containing more than 1 SSR  214 (from successful designed sequences) & 152 (from failure sequences)
Number of sequences containing compound SSRs  49 (from successful designed sequences) & 22 (from failure sequences)
Average size of the cloned / sequenced inserts  0.45 Kb
Haploid genome size of G. herbaceum (A) 1667 Mb
  Frequency of G.herbaceum genomic SSRs repeat motifs