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G. herbaceum root under drought stress

  Affymetrix Cotton Genome array expression data of root tissue of G. herbaceum under drought stress and watered condition
GEO accession number: GSE36249)

This experiment was designed to investigate the molecular mechanism associated with drought tolerance in root tissue of G. herbaceum. The genome-wide gene expression profiles of the root tissue using Affymetrix Cotton Genome Array were compared with drought tolerant and drought sensitive genotype of G. herbaceum under drought stress and watered condition. Many genes in various molecular function or biological processes were over- or under-represented between drought tolerant and sensitive genotype, suggesting various molecular mechanism and biochemical pathways are inter-linked and tolerant genotype have developed multiple mechanisms as an adaptory behavior against drought stress.


GEO accession number of cel files with samples detail: 


GSM885057: Drought Tolerant genotype watering condition_rep1

GSM885058: Drought Tolerant genotype watering condition_rep2

GSM885059: Drought Tolerant genotype watering condition_rep3

 GSM885060: Drought Tolerant genotype drought condition_rep1

GSM885061: Drought Tolerant genotype drought condition_rep2

GSM885062: Drought Tolerant genotype drought condition_rep3

 GSM885051: Drought Sensitive genotype watering condition_rep1

GSM885052: Drought Sensitive genotype watering condition_rep2

GSM885053: Drought Sensitive genotype watering condition_rep3

 GSM885054: Drought Sensitive genotype drought condition_rep1

GSM885055: Drought Sensitive genotype drought condition_rep2 

GSM885056: Drought Sensitive genotype drought condition_rep3