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Biotic Stress

  Comparative transcriptome analysis of G. hirsutum L. in response to sap sucking insects: Aphid and White fly Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) is a major fiber crop grown worldwide, faces extensive damage from sap-sucking insects, including aphids and whiteflies. Genome wide transcriptome analysis was performed to understand the molecular details of interaction between Gossypium hirsutum L. with sap sucking pests viz., Aphis gossypii (Aphid) and Bemisia tabacci (Whiteflies). Roche‚Äôs 454 GS Titanium sequencing platform was used for transcriptome sequencing of cotton infested with aphid and whiteflies for 2 h and 24 h. Comparison of different transcriptomes leads in identification of differentially and temporally regulated transcripts in response to aphid and whiteflies infestation. Most of these differentially expressed contigs were related to genes involved in biotic, abiotic stresses and enzymatic activities like hydrolases, transferases and kinases.  

Accession numbers of SRA files of different experiments with sample details:

  • SRA049119 : G. hirsutum leaf after 2 h of Aphid infestation
  •  SRA049120 : G. hirsutum leaf after 24 h of Aphid infestation
  • SRA049121 : G. hirsutum leaf after 2 h of Whitefly infestation
  • SRA049122 : G. hirsutum leaf after 24 h of Whitefly infestation